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This is one of the historic civilization shrine ; This is a scenery pleasant dream home ; This is a land of wealth-creating investment .
** , A precipitate of 1800 history and cultural city , a beautiful, Tianbao, naturalness .
Today, Mount under Shuiyangjiang side , a new investment Heights --- ** Economic and Technological Development Zone are spreading beautiful picture , Plus meet investors in this Huihaopomo , invest
** Located in southeastern Anhui , Tianmu Mountain , east of Suzhou , west of Huangshan , Anhui and Zhejiang junction provinces thoroughfare , traffic Wannan throat , the North-South business travel hub. Yangtze River Delta economic circle and the Huangshan Mountain, Jiuhua Mountain scenic spots blend in here
Anhui-Jiangxi railway
Highway 415 , Highway 105 , yihuang travel fast-track wear Habitat
Nanjing Lukou International Airport , Xiaoshan International Airport , Wuhu Airport , Huangshan Airport camouflage around
Shanghai , Wuhu Port Zhichizhiyao
The forthcoming opening Ningxuanhang highway , highway Yang results
Will be put into use . ** Qinglongwan Heliport
As well as the planning of Nanjing-Hangzhou rail , high-speed Shenjiahu declared , Anhui-Jiangxi railway expansion and reconstruction project of build three-dimensional transportation network, through rivers and seas , Cheong Lin world !
* Economic and Technological Development Zone was established in May 14 , 2000 , the provincial government approved the establishment of the provincial Economic and Technological Development Zone .
April 2014 was approved by the State Council as a state-level economic and technological development zone, the county became the only state-level development zone in Anhui Province .
Leaders at all levels of care and support, after 10 years of hard work , innovation and development , has formed " an area of ​​three Park, expand " development pattern , the planning area of ​​55.4 square kilometers , of which 15.6 square kilometers Nanshan Park , River Park 19.7 Lek square kilometers, Wang Xi Merlin Park expansion area 15.4 square kilometers and 5.7 square kilometers . Located in the east, south and north of the city on three sides ** After Highway 415 , Highway 105 , Wang Helu achieve efficient transportation links .
Zhuchaoyinfeng , Mei Xiang butterflies . Development of prudent decision-makers put pen to paper , re-color the edges , with a high in the world , the future vision, modern standards , blueprint gathering area , enhance the growth of automotive rubber parts, wear-resistant castings, electronic components in three leading industries , while vigorously foster the application of energy-saving building materials and new energy , electronic information , biomedicine three strategic new industries.
The zone has the largest automotive rubber parts enterprises , Ding Group as the leading auto parts enterprises nearly home, is a national industrial base rubber seals .
Phoenix -shaped wear-resistant materials as the leading group of more than 60 companies , known as " China wear resistant castings are ."
Feida Group as a leader in the electronic components business of more than 70 , accounting for 80 % of the lamps capacitor market share , is one of the country's largest production base of electronic components .
    Over the years , the tripod , Secretary Stewart , phoenix -shaped, Tommaso Padoa , Skandia , Jane , feeder , a large number of industry leaders have strong settled , leading the development zone into the golden period of rapid development.
After more than ten years of development , the park nearly a thousand registered companies , listed companies 5 . Comprehensive economic strength for many years among the forefront of the Anhui provincial development zone .
Development based on the industrial advantages , accelerate the promotion of industrial clustering , cluster development , industrialization by the " man operation " to " combat corps " change , planning the construction of electronic information industrial park , auto parts and garden equipment manufacturing industry , modern agriculture Park and five professional specialty food and medicine garden , modern logistics parks and park headquarters economy , to create projects focused "strong magnetic field " to promote sustained and rapid economic development in the park .
Zhenning Road, east of the river Lek Park, north of Plum Village Road and Zhenning Road across the high-speed region , 6,000 acres of land planning to build a production, research and development, office, living , business and logistics in one of the electronic information industry base , prompted me City 's electronic information industry to scale , clustered .
Located west of the river Lek , 11 Park Road , east of S105 line Floor road south block , 4200 acres of land planning , development and expansion of auto parts and equipment manufacturing industries, continue to extend the industrial chain , to achieve by China auto parts industry extended low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing , extending from the " small parts " to " large part" of production .
Located along Highway 205 2000 acres of land planning . Relying on four national parks , 44 provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises , foster the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry , the integration of agro-processing industries.
Located near the exit of Highway 105 along both sides of the river Wang , 1200 acres of land planning , construction sets transportation , warehousing , packaging, handling , trading, distribution, information services and other functions in one of modern logistics park.
Dongjin River in the west , south Jinqiao Road , Vanguard Road east area , 584 acres of land planning , set a number of efforts to build a business , office , training , exhibitions, intermediaries and financial services , such as one of the headquarters economy gathering place .
On the new road to industrialization , accelerating the pace of development zone industrial transformation and upgrading , innovation and development , with remarkable results :
Actively develop headquarters economy . Use of existing resources advantage , build more than 20 corporate headquarters economy , forming a combined effect of the economic development zone headquarters .
Support enterprises bigger and stronger , there have been Ding , Secretary Stewart , sun poultry , Yaxia automobile companies listed ;
Feida Electronics , Skandia technology, new horse wear, Maple building materials and central level, a large group successfully joint venture ;
JLP , phoenix -shaped and other companies will soon implement public financing ;
Improve the technological innovation system , the development of high-tech industries , and guide enterprises to develop industry, academia , research cooperation , the tripod , Skandia two companies have established post-doctoral workstations , attracting and training high-level professional and technical personnel ,
Cast with independent intellectual property rights " Dinghu ", " phoenix -shaped ", " Secretary Stewart ," " Yuk ", " Hui-Yun ," " Jane " and other Chinese well-known trademarks , the high-tech industry has laid a solid foundation ;
Implementation of the " one hundred enterprises upgrade" action plan to guide the park enterprise reform and innovation, enhance business park and industrial development level .
In leading the lead, supporting follow-up work under the guidance of the idea to build up the chain chain , through the open area "magnet " effect has become increasingly prominent , improve quality and boost the transformation of economic operation mode of development through the open area .
Across the face of the enormous development potential, clearly aware of the open area to provide suitable long-sleeved best foreign dance entrepreneurial environment , create a transparent, efficient , honest, and the rule of law operating environment, real tips Fengqi compete for .
Development of the pro-business, love business, the wealthy , Hui 's philosophy is reflected in concrete actions to provide full one-stop service for the enterprises entering the zone .
The implementation of mega-projects on everything , one policy , a proposed . Create " social entrepreneurs " to create " enterprise off Paradise ."
Innovation than a set surmount , the zone hit a remarkable impressive performance , leaders at all levels of national, provincial, municipal and other highly praised , also won wide attention and praise of the community.
Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch .
Standing on the "second five" new starting point, through the open area will be forward-looking vision , the international standard lays out a blueprint for future development zone : restructuring and development to create a positive gathering area , leading the development of demonstration area open area , green development , advance innovation and development of new urban areas and harmonious development.
Good governance a great cause , to forge ahead of takeoff. * Economic and Technological Development Zone , will create the best investment for the goal to accelerate the transformation of economic development , give full play to the leading role of the window and a national demonstration zone , with a more open mind , a more tolerant attitude , invites domestic and foreign investors seek common development plan for a better tomorrow !

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